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Seminars and master classes of Helena Mikhailovna Suschinsky are regularly held in the Centre.

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About the Centre


Doctor Gaspar presents its experimental group of like-minded people interested in astrology, as well as in various esoteric sciences offered by the classics of occultism.

Our creative impulses cover a territory from Kenozero to Egypt, from Samara to Altai, and our curiosity extends from Odessa city to Himalayas.

We love travelling. At the same time we are interested in all kinds of research in the field of astro-psychology and karmic astrology; with great interest we also study Tarot cards and Runes.

Still, its not the main purpose, as we deem it much more important to learn how to use creativity energy maximally in all walks of life. We are deeply convinced that it is precisely astrology that provides us with a powerful instrument for unfoldment of creative potential in each one of us. That is the reason we call ourselves the Centre of astrological creativity.

Organizing the Centre, we wanted to attract your attention towards astrology as the science of man; the science that is able to help many of us to answer the questions about the meaning of life, about the arrangement of the World or Universe, essence of Time and many other things. Its not a secret that with the help of astrological symbolism and real heavenly combinations we can explain set of phenomena of our life and discover our predestination. Also we can join the most fascinating act revelation and development of personal creative abilities and through their help creation of our inner Worlds and dimensions.

We are convinced that precisely now, in this complex Time, knowledge of astrology basics can help each and every earthling traverse his or her life path decently. We also believe that with the help of this great science humanity will at some point get redeemed from its heaviest ailments and soul imperfections.

Though, it may obviously happen that those who decide to deal with such concepts as Space and Time, may face misunderstanding of others concerning their dreams and aspirations to make this World better and more harmonious. And still, we do hope!

And though we are obviously just at the beginning of our voyage, nevertheless we invite you to come for journey together with us.

We believe these trips may be quite interesting to you, as they presuppose acquaintance not only with various places on our planet, but also with the planets of Solar System and Zodiacal signs.

Together we are trying to comprehend the lessons of Nature. Only its special properties and unconditional love toward all humans help each one of us to work out difficult tasks, to disentangle from various misunderstandings caused by our behavior which is not always reasonable and ethical.

Through communication with Nature, little by little we grasp the meaning of life, and through our travelling we gradually cognize the whole diversity and greatness of our World.

The Head and the Founder of our Centre, Helena Mikhailovna Suschinsky - a Russian astrologer, esoteric and occultist.

Over twenty years Helena Mikhailovna is engaged in research concerned with the fictitious points Lunar Nodes, Lilith (the Black Moon), Selena, and phenomenal manifestations of the planets such as retrograde or stationary position of the heavenly bodies. From 1992 she held hundreds of charitable lectures on astrology and occultism at the Oriental Arts Museum, at Shabolovka and other cultural centers in Moscow. She also conducted a lot of field seminars and master-classes at the places of power in North Russia, Samara, Egypt, Altai, Crymea. Helena Mikhailovna continuously travels with lectures by invitation of astrological schools of Novosibirsk, Perm, Omsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Samara.

Helena Mikhailovna is a frequent guest at various astrological conferences. From 2003 Helena Mikhailovna conducted seminars on karmic astrology organized by the correspondence department of the High School of Karmic Astrology (Moscow) and Novosibirsk Astropsychology School.

Since 2007 Helena Mikhailovna is the Founder and Head of the Centre of Astrological Creativity Doctor Gaspar.

Training in the Centre is based on authentic methodologies of H.M.Suschinsky.

Helena Mikhailovna is also the Head of Karmic Astrology School. Various seminars on karmic astrology and medieval horary astrology are being continuously held there.

In 2010 Helena Mikhailovna organized a branch of Karmic Astrology School in Omsk city and regularly conducts seminars and lectures there.

Being deeply involved in karmic astrology, Helena Mikhailovna systematized research material and analyzed statistics of over 5000 natal charts and as a result offered her own methodologies for usage in contemporary astrology:

  • Working with Aspects music registers
  • Working with the Zodiac according to a quicon Star
  • Working with the Houses, departing from oppositional dependencies
  • Working with an Arc of Karma

Separate group includes methodologies concerning the Lunar Nodes:

  • - Legends
  • - Karmic dispositions
  • - Sun corridors
  • - Prenatal Mirror
  • - Big Sun Clock
  • - Karmic directions
  • - Theory of karmic cycles.

Group of methodologies permitting to work with Ancestry programs:

  • - Working with Kin texts
  • - Working with Ancestry blood group
  • - Working with cross pollination
  • - Working with direct transference of qualities along the Ancestry

Several years ago, as a result of a long-term research work, H.M.Suschinsky published unique methodology on Matrix based on a natal chart.

Matrix significantly facilitates analysis and interpretation of the tasks and problems found in the horoscope. Basics of work with Matrix are described in the booksRacing in Time(Book 3 and Book 4).

For years of work H.M.Suschinsky wrote many books and articles:

* Retrograde planets. Glance into the past (the book withstood three editions with significant changes).

* The Highest Planets. Contemplations about the Space and Time (the book withstood two editions).

* Neptune. Several fantasies evoked by the highest planet (the book withstood two editions).

* Lilith unfolds her secrets, volume I

* Lilith unfolds her secrets, volume II

* Voyage of the Black Moon along the zodiacal crosses (jointly with CD containing a basic version of the SOTIS computer program)

* Eclipses. The third millennium

* The Lunar Nodes or Games with the Time (the book withstood two editions with addition of a new chapter).

* Racing in Time 4 books (toolkit on karmic astrology).

H.M.Suschinsky is an author of numerous articles published in Russian magazines, Delphis journal, ISAR journals and others.

Books of H.M.Suschinsky are translated to polish language and printed by ARS SKRIPTI-2 publishing house.


Centre of astrological creativity

Welcomes you in the School of karmic astrology
based on author methodologies of Helena Mikhailovna Suschinsky.
The course is conducted by the author.

Course program is laconic and informative.

Within 8-9 one-day weekend workshops listeners receive the key to interpretation of horoscopes.

Training consists of four main levels plus two additional and is designed for any level of astrological background. During the lessons listeners get acquainted with the elements, learn astrological symbolism, zodiacal connections, planets of the Solar system, astrological Houses, aspects and so on.

After passing four main levels, listeners acquire unique instrument methodologies helping to disclose and realize main life tasks, and also define the best ways of their implementation. These methodologies help to trace karmic profession in horoscope and find out the ways of the best implementation of the most important programs of incarnation. Moreover, the listeners would be able to define for themselves and their near ones the most promising life directions, thus being able to avoid making wrong decisions in life and attain worthy results faster.

The course introduces the notion of Ancestral Karma through its study listeners may become able to solve their family problems and identify the main Ancestry tasks. Training presupposes an analysis of natal charts and studying the horoscopes of Ancestors and Successors.

Please note! We conduct only full-time training in our School.

The course on karmic astrology

Head of the course and the lecturer is Helena Mikhailovna Suschinsky
Themes of the training:

Introduction. Forming a group space. Behavior Ethics in a group work.

  • Work in groups.
  • Interaction with the lecturer.
  • Interaction with the listeners.
  • Invocation to the Lords of the Elements.

Luminaries, their special status in the Zodiac.

  • The Sun master of destiny.
  • The Moon mistress of base programs, previous experience, Ancestry.

Septeners Planets seven heavenly bodies forming life space of people.

  • Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
  • Planetary qualities, principles of planets manifestation, imagining roles, situations and problems, peculiarities of planetary influences on people.
  • Retrograde planets.

Highest planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

  • Peculiarities of the highest heavenly bodies manifestation.
  • Impact on collective Karma.
  • Impact on programs representing individual Karma.
  • Retrograde highest planets.
  • Planetary cycles.


  • Zodiac.
  • Formation of zodiacal ties along the crosses.
  • Zones.
  • Male and female signs.
  • Rulership, detriment, exaltation, fall.
  • Planets in signs an overview.

Work with the elements.

  • Elements.
  • Three levels of elements manifestation.
  • Connection of the elements with the Zodiac and Solar system planets.

Introducing the chart.

  • Practice learning about the chart.

Astrological Houses.

  • Overview of the angular Houses.
  • Overview of the intermediary Houses.
  • Overview of the falling Houses.
  • Day and night Houses.

Continuation of the subject.

  • Terms: symbolic and real rulership of the Houses.
  • Planets in the Houses an overview.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

Houses in karmic astrology.

  • Circle of Houses, interconnections with the stream of Time.
  • Derivative Houses in karmic astrology
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.


  • Major aspects: conjunction, opposition, square, sextile, trine.
  • Minor aspects. Short overview.
  • Peculiarities of convergent and divergent aspects.
  • Peculiarities of left and right aspects.

Introducing a horoscope.

  • Practice analysis of the listeners horoscopes.

Astrology of the Lunar Nodes.

  • Introducing the Lunar Nodes. Karmic axis.
  • Planets forming the Lunar Nodes axises. Their significance for defining the main tasks of incarnation.
  • Practical work with the Nodes. Analysis of horoscopes.

Great Sun Clock. Dealing with Time.

  • Retrograde and direct Lunar Nodes.
  • Karmic phases peculiarities of Time manifestation. Maximal and minimal activity of the nodal axis and the luminaries.
  • Specifications of the nodal knots manifestations during the year.
  • Retro phase period of the clearest display of Karmas tasks.


  • Solar eclipses and their role in our life.
  • Lunar eclipses.
  • The ways of using creative energy formed during the periods of solar and lunar eclipses.

Methodologies of work with the Lunar Nodes. Beginning.

  • Karmic dispositions.
  • Legends and other methods of working with the Nodes.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

Methodologies of working with the Lunar Nodes. Continuation.

  • Planets of the Nodes. Search for spiritual Treasure.
  • Defining professional qualities and profession choice through methodologies based on the Lunar Nodes activity.
  • Returns of the Lunar Nodes.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

Lilith and Selena. Patrimonial Karma.

  • General notions, meaning of the lessons taught by the Black Moon.
  • Lilith in signs.
  • Lilith in the Houses.

Lilith in synastries.

  • Features of Liliths manifestation in synastries.
  • Business partnership.
  • Marital partnership. Synastry ties in a Family.

Lilith in family Karma.

  • Determining a karmic blood group.
  • Karmic schemes with participation of Lilith. Featuring in the crosses.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

Features of the Lunar Nodes and Lilith manifestations in a family Tree.

  • Orbs.
  • Aspects.
  • The Guide planet.
  • Inhabitant.
  • Direct transfer of qualities.
  • Indirect transfer of qualities.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

Interconnections formed between the Lilith and Lunar Nodes.

  • Forming a Family Tree.
  • Practice analysis of the horoscopes.

The White Moon Selena.

  • Selena in signs an overview.
  • Selena in horoscopes Houses an overview.

Completion of every seminar is followed by the practical work. In it, jointly with the lecturer, listeners actively participate in practical work, and the lecturer helps to sort out questions connected with the themes of studied level.

After completion of the whole Course and successful exam the Centre issues its certificate to the listeners, allowing them to work further independently.

HORARY astrology

Lecturer - Oleg Valentinovitch Proskurin

Oleg Valentinovitch is a disciple of H.M.Suschinsky. Since 2008 hes being an active participant of all her seminars on Karmic astrology.

In 2010 he went through a training on horary astrology according to methodologies of John Frawley and Mark Rusborn.

Presently Oleg Valentinovitch lectures in the Centre on horary astrology, strictly along the lines of John Frawley methodologies.

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

We welcome any professional cooperation from your side from any corner of our wondrous planet!
Lets come together and join our sincere efforts to learn more about the Royal Science of Astrology!
Lets share and learn from each other!
We look forward to hear from you!

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